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Dimensions (mm): 7000x2500x2800 (LxWxH).

Container design provides

  • Strength and stiffness of his own design;
  • Safety performance loading and unloading and transport operations;
  • Waterproof closed doors.

The container has

  • Base, made of steel beams and pipes;
  • Bearing housing with walls made of profiled steel sheets 1.2mm thick;
  • The roof of a container made from sheet steel with a minimum thickness of 1.2 mm, whose design provides unobstructed run-off from its water and snow removal;
  • The floor is made of corrugated steel plates 3mm thick, the floor construction must ensure:
  • Water resistant as a whole, at the junction of its individual elements among themselves and with the elements on the perimeter walls and foundations;
  • Availability of mortgages to secure equipment;
  • Mounting the gate for loading and unloading of diesel generator set;
  • Loading unloading unit fitting located at the base of the container;
  • Gateway to the lift in the assembly compartment. Side walls rise up, end part is opened up, using hydraulic actuators;
  • Entrance door - 2 pieces;

The design of the front door provides

  • The possibility of its opening at an angle of 180°;
  • The presence of an elastic seal around the perimeter, lying close to - the frame in the closed position;
  • The impossibility of removal in the locked position;
  • A reliable free locking and unlocking provided with locking devices without additional devices;
  • The impossibility of a spontaneous locking the door from inside the container;
  • The impossibility of opening itself and the effect of vibration loads encountered during operation, the presence of the stopper (retainer) for the open door position.

Frame doors should be recessed into the container. Over the doors and automatic gates installed protective steel canopies (30mm).
Metal container design elements are protected from corrosion.
Paint all exterior surfaces except the roof container, corresponds to class V, and the inner surfaces and roofs - VI class according to GOST 9.032-74 coatings. The external surfaces of the container and the structural elements are painted in RAL (in consultation with the customer). The floor is covered with soil. Quality Coating Materials meet the requirements of GOST 9.032-74 and GOST 20259-80.
Gas outlet pipe is insulated diesel generator set difficult combustible material, with a temperature of at least 500°C. Knot the wire gas outlet pipe ensures its isolation with respect to construction of the container and protects from rain. The muffler is placed inside the container.


The design of the container ensures the safety of personnel against electric shock in accordance with GOST 12.1.019-79.
When installing switches and sockets used for open wiring in accordance with GOST3.407-83. Grounding of the container by means of two clamps grounding bolt with special characters, made according to GOST 21130-75.
The power plant is equipped with:
Control cabinet, which is powered by the generator bus machine.
Shield their own needs.
Shield their own use must ensure that:

  • Connect the main lighting network (~ 220);
  • Connect emergency lighting;
  • Connect the 220 V;

Shield their own needs through the packet switch is energized (apator) one of the inputs is supplied from the input bus of the diesel generator, the second from an external source.
Terminals of the generator circuit breaker protection are designed to connect the power cables up to 120mm2.
Mode neutral - isolated.


Electric installation provided by two independent sources:

  • Basic - 220 VAC from six fixtures with incandescent bulbs, powered by general board;
  • Emergency - from a lamp powered by a battery of diesel generator set.


Natural ventilation system. Consists of ventilation openings for cooling towers and diesel generator set with bars on the outside of the container.


Fuel supply by generating set of the regular fuel tank.


The design and dimensions of the container should provide for its transportation by rail, road transport on public roads at an ambient temperature of -40°C to +50°C.
Transporting container from the warehouse company BAIDIN GmbH should only be a vehicle such as an open platform. In the case of coming to transport indoor (box) or on-board vehicle shipment is not made.


In agreement with the Buyer Supplier may change the type (s) of the equipment without impairing performance of the product.