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Stationary Rail Flash-Butt Welding Machine B80AC

BAIDIN GmbH offers stationary rail flash butt-welding plant B80AC. The B80AC rail-welding machine of MCO-8001 a tunnel type is intended for AC-flash-butt resistance welding of rails with cross-section from 4.900 mm2 to 14.000 mm2 under stationary conditions, with tin trimming immediately alter the welding is finished.

The ends of the welded products relative to each other are pre-centered by hydraulic centralizers for alignment. The mechanism of clamping and movement of welded products is made in the form of mobile and fixed columns. With the help of centering devices with electromechanical drives on the columns, controlled by a centralizer according to the signals of its sensors or controlled by buttons from the control panel, the rails are permanently centered. The drive mechanisms reflow and precipitation electro-hydraulic powered by a pumping station and a control cabinet. An independent clamping system prevents unacceptable deformations of upsetting cylinders during a power load. Electricity for welding transformers is supplied from the control cabinet. Connection provides uniform loading of all three phases. The control equipment is in the control cabinet. The operation of the machine is controlled from a console located on a fixed column. The secondary welding current ensures uniform heat distribution. In the end, this gives a truly parallel heating zone.

Technical specifications

Parameter Value
Mains rated voltage, V 380±7%
Frequency, Hz 50
Number of main phases (power supply) 3
Secondary AC-welding current maximum, kA 63±10%
Maximum short-circuit power consumption, kVA 700
Welding power for continuous flashing, kVA, not below 600
Short-circuit power factor, not less 0,8
Maximum of upset force, kN 1.500
Maximum cross section of welded rails, mm2 14.000
Pressure in the hydraulic system, bar 200
Pump station capacity, l/min, not below 60
Maximum of clamping force, kN 3.600
Maximum upset value, mm, 20±0,75
Displacement speed of the movable column relatively to the fixed one, mm/s:
providing flash 0,2 to 6
providing upset, maximum 200
Maximum displacement of item to be weld in flash and upset (machine stroke), mm 100
Vertical centering value of the welded items', mm 15±2
Horizontal centering value of the welded items', mm 15±2
Rated capacity at welding rails with cross section of 8,265 mm2, joints per hour 15
Cooling water flow at a pressure of 0,15 MPa (1,5 kgf/cm2), l/min
through the welder jacket, not below 25
through the pump station jacket, not below 40
Weight, kg, max. 32.600
Overall dimensions of welding machine with feeding rollers mm:
length, mm 4.390
width, mm 2.610
height, mm 2.940

Control cabinet B80AC.15.00.000

Automatic programmable microprocessor-based system designed for control of actuators and mechanisms of welding machine B80AC for flash-butt rail welding.

The control system provides for:

  • control of actuators and mechanisms of welding machine both in manual and semiautomatic operation modes.
  • control of process cycle in accordance with welding machine cycle pattern being programmed in dependence of moving frame travel with continuous or pulsating flashing.
  • tolerance testing and welding cycle parameter registration with issue of certificate for welded butt indicating its use ability or defects.

The control system of welding machine includes the following components:

  1. control cabinet
  2. control panel

The control system designed on base of equipment of SIEMENS Company:

  • control unit SIMATIC S7-1500 (PLC).
  • industrial computer with LCD-screen connected with the control unit via communication MPI-link.

The control of welding machine devices and mechanisms in setting-up operation mode performed from the keyboard.

The analog resistive measuring system used as the sensor of welding machine moving frame position. The pressure sensor used as the pressure sensor in the working ends of travel and upset cylinders. Electrohydraulic tracking valve used as an actuator driving the travel of moving frame. Direct control of welding machine performed by control unit of PLC in accordance with the software stored in its memory and following the program of welding process transferred to it via communication link from the industrial computer.

The industrial computer designed for programming of welding process and features of tolerance testing of main parameters of the welding process, diagnostics, and visualization of status of sensors, actuators and mechanisms of the welding machine.

The implementation of the control system on base of high-reliable equipment of SIEMENS Company and development of the software providing for highly user-friendly interface between control devices and operating personnel has allowed to create the presented control system for machines of flash-butt rail welding on the highest world first-class level; the control systems for a wide range of equipment of contact electric welding can be arranged on base of this system.