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Welding machine B50AC (K355AM)

Suspension-type welder B50AC (К355АМ) of МСО-4501U1 type is designed for contact flash-butt welding by pulsating flashing of rails with cross-section ranging from 6400 to 10000 mm2 and for field flash trimming right after welding. The welder can be powered from AC mains, diesel-generator plant and motor-generator set.

The complete set of delivery includes

1. Welder
2. Control Cabinet
2.1. Power system
3. Pump station
4. Water cooling plant
5. Electric connectors
6. Hydraulic connectors

Technical features

Parameter Value
Power supply rated voltage (mains), V Power supply rated voltage (diesel-driven generator set), V 380 400 - 440
Number of main phases (power supply) 2
Number of auxiliary circuitry phases 3
Power supply: rated frequency, Hz 50
Rated primary circuit current, A 395
Power at 50% duty cycle, kVA 170
Duty cycle of the welding transformers at rated load, %, not exceeding 50
Arrangement of the welding transformers' connection to the mains phase-to-phase
Transformation coefficient of the welding transformers 60±0,5
Rated secondary circuit current (continuous), kA 18+3-2
Short-circuit current at minimum distance between the clamps, kA At that, short-circuit resistance, mOhm, not exceeding 65±10% 105
Maximum short-circuit power consumption, kVA 500±55
Short-circuit power factor 0,5
Maximum allowed continuous power, kVA 120
Rated power consumption from the mains, kVA 210
Power consumed by the auxiliary circuitry from a 3-phase AC supply, kVA, not exceeding 40
Upset force at a pressure in hydraulic system of 15.0 MPa (150 kgf/cm2), MN/kgf 0.68/68000±8%
Maximum cross section of welded rails, mm2 10000
Time needed for welding rails with cross section of 8,265 mm2, given out-of-squareness not exceeding 2 mm, s 90-180
Clamping and upsetting devices hydraulic-powered
Pressure in the hydraulic system, MPa (kgf/cm2) 15 (150)
Pump station capacity, l/min, not below 60
Maximum clamping force at a pressure in hydraulic system of 15 MPa (150 kgf/cm2), MN (kgf) 1.85(185000)
Upset value, mm, max. 15
Upset rate, mm/s, minimum 60
Flashing speed, mm/s 0.2-2.0
Total travel of welder at 15-mm upset, mm 90
Rated capacity at welding rails with cross section of 8,265 mm2, joints per hour 13
Cooling water flow at a pressure of 0,15 MPa (1,5 kgf/cm2), l/min
through the welder jacket, not below 25
through the pump station jacket, not below 40
Welder weight, kg, max. 2700
Pump station weight, kg, max. 590
Control cabinet weight, kg, max 450
Mounting kit weight, kg, max 235