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Rail welding mobile complex

Mobile rail welding set container type KPCK-400 is designed for butt welding in the field continuous and pulsed reflow rails cross-sectional area of ​​6500 mm2 to 10000 mm2 with flash removal immediately after welding.

Scope - new construction, reconstruction and overhaul of rail and tram tracks. The complex can be made on the basis of any car chassis and have a combined course that allows of vehicles from any point to stop by the railway line and navigate through it to the place of repair or construction site of the railway.

In the body of the car is a diesel generator set, welding machine, lift and other accessories.

Set description

Company BAIDIN GmbH offers a mobile rail welding set container type KPCK-400, made on the basis of an overhead rail welding machines K355AM.

The complex is formed as an autonomous unit of the container. In the container placed welding machine, crane, diesel-generator set and other accessories.

The container can be installed on any chassis (w / e platform or car) and mobile to be delivered to a place of work.

The container can be installed permanently for the organization of rail welding company.