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Repair and modernization

BAIDIN GmbH offer modernization services for К355 Series suspension type rail-welding machines.The repaired/renovated equipment is completely restored to its original conditions and can realize welding by method of pulsating flashing.Caution! We do not repair/renovate partially worn components but replace all the main units and parts subject to deterioration with new ones. Due to this, life-cycle of the renovated equipment matches this of new welding machines.

Renovation of type K355 welder

1. Welderhead:

  • replacement of 16 bronze sleeves in casings;
  • replacement of 2 upset rods;
  • replacement of the central shaft and sleeve;
  • replacement of 6 flexible copper crosspieces;
  • manufacturing and installation of bronze grips;
  • silvering of secondary circuit components;
  • replacement of hydraulic seals;
  • manufacturing and replacement of hydraulic unit (hydraulic panel and components for Bosch hydraulic equipment);
  • manufacturing of rods for clamping hydraulic rams (only applicable to welders manufactured not before 1985);
  • installation of flash trimmer system with blades;
  • complete replacement of electric wiring and cables;
  • replacement of spark protection panels and all the insulation.

2. Control cabinet and power panel:

  • Manufacture of new cabinets and panels.
  • The control system is built around the Siemens industrial controller.
  • The system allows the 100% tolerance testing and welding cycle parameter registration with issue of certificate for welded butt indicating its usability or defects.

3. Pumping station:

  • Troubleshooting and replacement of hydraulic components, complete replacement of electric wiring.
  • As an option (by additional agreement) – manufacture of a new hydraulic station.

4. Manufacture and replacement of all electric and hydraulic connections

Time of work performance: 2–3 months.

Guaranty for all works performed: 12 months.

Note: Services offered per unit